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About Kimi Du

Game Designer & Storyteller

I'm currently pursuing a Master of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. I have a background in the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts and Sciences from the University of Florida. I create digital art, time-based media, video games, and software design. My focus is on game systems and level design. I've worked and participated in several different roles and industries related to digital media.

I devote myself to animal welfare and environmental protection and try to incorporate my research and thoughts into my art and design.

Top Media 

  • Anime: Steins; Gate, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • TV Series: Stranger Things, Breaking Bad

  • Film: Batman Trilogy, Searching for Sugar Man, The Silence of the Lambs

  • Album: LIVING THINGS - Linkin Park, Plagiarism - Yorushika, Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Game: Hotline Miami, GTA 5, Bioshock Infinite

About: About Me


Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Entertainment Technology

Aug 2023 - Expected May 2025

University of Florida

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts & Sciences

Aug 2019 - May 2023

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Jan 22 - Now
UF Chinese Student Association (UFCSA)

Media Operations Manager, Video Editor

  • Created and produced promotional videos, short films, and vlogs about students' life, extracurricular activities, and Chinese holiday events

  • Managed daily operations and distributions of social media content across international and Chinese platforms and increased views and followers by 10%

Aug 22 - present
UFCSA Gaming Club

Founder, Promoter, Coach

  • Established gaming community and Discord channel, including Game Forum, Social Communication, and Online Multiplayer Gaming

  • Held on-campus E-Sports events for students to team up and play League of Legends and Overwatch

  • Led members to participate in viewing e-sports events held in North America, such as LOL S12 Atlanta semifinals

Aug 22 - Now
UF Digital Worlds Institute

Student Mentor & Peer Advisor

  • Counseled students individually and in group sessions to develop academic action plans by evaluating students learning styles, deficiencies, and goals.

  • Met with mentees regularly to update progress and helped them with professional development in digital art and video game design.

May 21 - Aug 21
Beijing Summer Fireworks Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Social Media Content Creator & Manager

  • Produced original digital content for promotional advertisements and marketing materials.

  • Managed social media accounts and content across 3 platforms for widest audience reach; cultivated social media following with more than 10k total followers.

Feb 22 - present
4HGU Utilities Model

Model, Dancer, Lighting Technician

  • Participated in 2 rehearsals per week to adequately prepare for runway and dance performances.

  • Promoted products and showcased fashion garments by posing for commercials and photoshoots.

  • Assisted set-up and operation of lighting equipment in photoshoots and filmed behind-the-scenes videos.

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World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

01/2021 - present

Member, Donor, Activist

  • Virtual adoption of endangered animals such as polar bears through donations

  • Donated monthly to WWF as a regular donor

  • Advocated to the US Congress as a supporter of animal and environmental protection; participated in related Acts such as Big Cat Public Safety Act and Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act

Changsha Siberian Tigers Breeding Conversation

07/2022 to 08/2022

Volunteer, Donor, Researcher

  • Observed the daily behavior of tigers in the conversation and wrote research reports on observation targets

  • Maintained the hygienic environment of tiger conservation, prepared food, and nutritional products for tigers; assisted the wild training

  • Took care of tiger cubs, prepared milk powder, measured and recorded their body length and weight

About: CV
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