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Gingerman Rush!

Embark on a Christmas adventure as gingerbread men race to decorate their houses before cunning foxes strike. In teams of two, players gather decorations and sprint to complete their festive masterpiece, avoiding the peril of being devoured if time runs out.

Gingerman Rush!: Video

Project Overview


Genre: Action, Christmas, multi-player, Cooperation, Competition, Party

Platform: Vive Tracker, Steam VR

Tools: Unity, Cinema 4D, Miaximo


Project Duration: 2 weeks, November 2023

Team Size: 5

My Roles: Character Artist, 2D Artist, Producer, Narrative Designer, Game Designer

Gingerman Rush!: Text

My Contributions

Character Design, Modeling & Animations

Environment & UI Art

Game Mechanic & Narrative Design

Project Producing 

Gingerman Rush!: Projects
Gingerman Rush!: Pro Gallery

Game Design

Candycane = Vive Tracker = Gingerbread Man

Physical Controller Design

I used the candy cane as the physical controller to tie the Vive Tracker onto the bars to make it work for the gameplay and easy for players to hold. I bought the wooden gingerbread men decorations and tied them to the front of the candy canes with matching character colors.


Pick up Decors and Run to the House

We designed the primary gameplay to be straightforward, as our goal is to make a family game that is easy and accessible to children and older people. The player moves the gingerbread man to the decor to pick it up and drop it off to gain points when reaching the house with the character's matched color.


Bonus Time! - More Chaos & Fun

In the last 20 seconds of the game, the players can steal the items from the other team to gain points. We added this part of the game to add the ending suspense. The players until the result is shown.

Gingerman Rush!: Features
Gingerman Rush!: Pro Gallery

2023 Game Festival

Livestreamed by Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center in the Fall Game Festival

Our game was selected for the live stream of the ETC 2023 Game Festival. As a team, we decorated our project room into a Christmas house to welcome guests to come and play. See how our game was presented in the public context and how the guests enjoyed our game at 1: 23: 00 or click the link below!

Gingerman Rush!: Video
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