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Happy Death Day

2-Week Design and Development
AR Murder Mystery Puzzle Game

Step into the shoes of a detective in this immersive AR murder mystery game, where players dive into a grand theater stage crime scene to unravel the mysterious death of lead actress Laura during a personal rehearsal on her birthday. 

Happy Death Day: Video

Project Overview

Duration: 2 weeks, October 2023

Platform: Oculus Quest 2

Tools: Unity, Maya, Cinema 4D, Adobe Substance Painter

Genre: AR, puzzle, murder mystery, single-player

My roles: 3D Artist and Animator, Producer, Game Designer

Happy Death Day: Text

My Contributions

3D Prop Modeling, Texturing, and Animations
Game Mechanic Design, Narrative Design, Documents, and Flowchart
Producing and Project Management

Happy Death Day: Text
Happy Death Day: Pro Gallery

Game Design

Figure out 3 Puzzles & Discover 1 Complete Story


Find Out the Victim

What's hiding in the broken script paper?

Find the Weapon

Identify how the murderer kill the victim.

Find the Murderer and Reason

Who meet Laura on the rehersal day?

Discover the Surrounding to Solve Puzzles

Find traces from the murder scene to figure out the secret code.

Happy Death Day: Features
Round 2 Flowchart - Frame 1 (1).jpg
Happy Death Day: Image
Happy Death Day: Pro Gallery
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