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A heartwarming VR puzzle game where players embody a playful dog residing with a mischievous cat. When an unexpected incident involving the cat and a bird unfolds, players start a journey to explore their surroundings, solve puzzles, and assist the stranded bird in finding its freedom.

Time: 2 weeks, September 2023

Team Size: 5

Platform: Oculus 2

Tools: Unity, Maya, Cinema 4D,

Tag: VR, puzzle, animal simulator, single-player

My Roles: Game Designer, 3D Artist & Animator, Producer

Furreedom: Video

My Contributions

Gameplay and Puzzle Design
Character Design, Modeling, Rigging, and Animations
Prop Design and Modeling
Project Management

Furreedom: Text
Furreedom: Pro Gallery

Game Design

swtich (1).gif

Move with Doggy Pattern

Immersive Physical Control Expereince Design

The Puzzle

Figure out how to save the Cute Birdy


Socket the object with your mouth and throw it away

Furreedom: Features
Furreedom Game Flow - Frame 1 (1).jpg
Furreedom: Image
Furreedom: Pro Gallery
Furreedom: Pro Gallery
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