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Roar of Rage

Designed Using Unreal Engine 5

“Roar of Rage” is an animal survival game to simulate the harsh living environment of tigers. This game aims to be a realistic walking simulator of the tiger as it could travel around the rainforest and grasslands and mimic their real sensory system, including their excellent abilities of vision, smell, and hearing.

During the game, the player will pass through human traps and hide from people’s attacks to reach and destroy the humans’ camp and save the ally tiger. It gives the player an immersive experience of being a strong and free creature as a king of the animals, but also reveals the truth of human activities and illegal hunting.

Time: 3 Months, 2022

Role: Game Designer, Environment Designer, Unreal Programmer

Team Size: Solo

Roar of Rage: Video

Game Mechanics Design

Roar of Rage: Text

Sensory System


the player could distinguish the smelling of prey & fresh meat, humans, and allies’ blood.


the player has a night vision system to allow the player to have eyesight in the dark.


the player could hear the sound when the prey and human are walking around in certain distances. As the sound source gets closer, the sound’s volume will increase and the sensory warning sign on the screen will change.

Roar of Rage: Projects

Survival System


  • Hunting: the player could restore health by hunting wild animals

  • Traps: reduce health and stuck the player for a certain time

  • Human attack: reduce health significantly


sprinting reduces player’s stamina; when the player keeps sprinting for certain time, the stamina will reach 0 and stops the player from sprinting


The player must drink water at a regular time to keep the hydration at the healthy level

Roar of Rage: Projects
Roar of Rage: Pro Gallery
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