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Most Recent Projects:

2-Week Rapid Game Development

Working as a Game Designer, Artist, and Producer


Gingerman Rush!

Multi-player Christmas Party Game Designed with Vive Trackers

Happy Death Day

AR Detective Experience to Solve a Theater Murder Mystery


Embody a playful dog residing in a cozy home and Free Someone from Captivity

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Other Games

Feel Free to Take a Look and Play!

Roar of Rage

Single Player, 3D, Animal Walking Simulator

Are you the hunter, or the prey?

Image by Ralph Mayhew


Single Player, VR, Meditation, Relaxing

Immerse yourself in the Japanese garden during the Edo period and find your true peace and tranquility.


Pantry Panic

2D Top-Down, Single Player, Roguelite, Cooking

A Five Star Chef was kidnapped by a hungry monster...Find your way to feed the monster unless you wanna be fed...


Gods of Death

Boardgame, 2-4 Players, Roman Mythology

Kill the mortals, collect your souls, and fight with other Deaths to be the only god of death to get a spot in Olympus.

Fictional Character

Polar Bear: A Day in the Arctic

Single Player, 2D, Side-scroller, Platformer

How would you survive in the melting and polluted Arctic?


Skybox: Color Adventure

Single Player, 3D, Parkour

You could be the rainbow in the skybox.

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Games: Projects
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