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I worked as a Game Designer, Artist, and Producer.

Each game was made in 2 weeks.

Recent XR Projects
Rapid Design and Development

Gingerman Rush!

Gingerbread men Run Run Run!

Multi-player, Christmas, Action, Competition

Game Designer, Producer, Artist


Happy Death Day

Good morning Detective, a female body was found at the Grand Theatre...

AR, Puzzle, Murder Mystery

Game Designer, Producer, 3D Artist



A home dog could free someone from captivity.

VR, Puzzle, Animal Simulator

Game Designer, Producer, 3D Artist

Other Games


Roar of Rage

Are you the hunter, or the prey?

Single-Player, Animal Simulator

Game Designer, Programmer, Environment Artist



Immerse yourself in the Japanese garden and experience tranquility.

Single-Player, VR, Meditation

Level Designer, Programmer, Environment Artist


Pantry Panic

A five-star chef was kidnapped by a hungry monster...

2D, Single-Player, Rougelite, Action

UI/UX,  2D Aritst, Game Designer

Fictional Character_edited.jpg

Lord of Death

Kill the mortals, collect your souls, and fight against other Deaths to be the Lord and get your spot in Olympus.

Boardgame, 2-4 Players, Area Control

Game Designer, Artist


Polar Bear : A Day in the Arctic

Young Popo, how would you survive in the melting and polluted Arctic?

2D, Single-Player, Platformer, Adventure

Game Designer, Programmer

截屏2022-04-08 21.42_edited.jpg

Skybox: Color Adventure

You could be the rainbow in the Skybox.

Single-Player, Parkour, Prototype

Game Designer, Programmer


The Toys R Coming

You wake up and find yourself inside a toy box...

Single-Player, FPS

Systems Designer, 2D Artist

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