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Polar Bear: Arctic: Video

Polar Bear:

​A Day in the Arctic

Because of global warming and human activities, the Arctic ice is quickly melting, and polar bears are endangered. The protagonist is a young polar bear who will discover the beautiful but crushed Arctic world and go through all the challenging tasks in order to survive the hottest summer in the Arctic.

Polar Bear: Arctic: Text

Project Overview


Genre: 2D, Single-player, Side-scrolling, Platformer, Survival, Adventure, Pixel

Platform: PC, Mac

Game Engine: Unity


Designed by Kimi Du

Programmed by Kimi Du, Nick Heitzman

Art by Kimi Du,

Sound by Kimi Du,


Project Duration: 3 Months, Sep-Dec 2020

Time Size: Solo

Polar Bear: Arctic: Text


Available for Download

Game Design Document

Windows PC Build

Mac Build

Polar Bear: Arctic: Files
Polar Bear: Arctic: Image
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